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Discover three countries during one holiday !

Just one trip allows you to visit three countries (Poland, Czech Republic and Germany) and experience one of the most amazing, breathtaking views of the Sudetes. We plan our walking and trekking holidays in Poland to combine the best elements of the mountain range and the region itself. You will be charmed by the scenery in front of you, follow the most attractive routes and enjoy every second of your trekking in Poland.

However, at Wanderer we enrich our walking tours with that unique atmosphere of the Sudetes and Lower Silesia. You will have a chance to taste the best local cuisine at carefully selected locations, enjoy calm and peace after a long, fulfilling physical activity. If you want, your trip might include sightseeing, getting to know the culture of the three countries, architecture and rich, long history of the region. Finally, you will stay at the most beautiful places, right at the foot of the Sudetes range, where you can rest and prepare for another day of unforgettable experiences.

Choose your walking and trekking holidays in Poland. Do you prefer active, intensive vacations or relaxing, slow-paced and quiet trips in the most amazing surroundings? Wanderer’s team is here to organise everything for you and make sure your holidays in the Sudetes are truly remarkable.


Sudetes Mountains Trekking & Prague – trekking & sightseeing
From West to East – walking & trekking
Time Travel…where three countries come to meet – sightseeing & hiking


The Sudetes are a superb place for having fun hiking and also one of the best places for trekking in Poland. The trails lead through some of the most interesting and scenic places on  Polish and Czech side of the mountain range.
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These programs can be an excellent complement to the curriculum at your school, or simply exceptional vacation for youth. Our trips combine mountain tourism and recreation, outdoor activities, creative workshops and elements of learning about the environment. We also appropriately profiling our tours according to your wishes or to your school curriculum
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Explore and discover  the land of charming Mountains,  fascinating History and Heritage of Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.  The Sudetes is the place where these intriguing three countries come to meet.

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