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Sudetes Mountains

Café Turystyczna – our new office and Tourist Information point

Entry date: 20.08.2017 | Category: News from Sudetes Mountains

Café Turystyczna - Tourist Information Jelenia Góra

With great pleasure we would like to inform you that within our tourist agency Wanderer, we opened a new tourist information point Café Turystyczna, located in our hometown Jelenia Góra at the foothills of the Sudetes Mountains.

Want to know where to go and what to see?
Come to our Café and plan your unforgettable stay in our region! With us you will plan mountain trips and sightseeing tours of Jelenia Góra Valley or the whole Lower Silesia. Fancy an outing to Wrocław, Prague or Dresden? We can help you with that too! Just sit back in our comfortable armchairs, with a steaming cup of coffee, and enjoy the wonderful view of Karkonosze Mountains while we do all the hard work of planning for you. Or use our resources and do it yourself.
We offer:
– Tourist and culture information
– Guiding services
– Tours of Jelenia Góra – monuments and secrets
– Tours of the region
– Delicious coffee, fragrant tea and other drinks
– Maps, guidebooks, souvenirs and travel and holiday guides
– Local products: handicrafts and foods
– Free WiFi

So if you anytime come to our place we warmly welcome to Cafe Turystyczna.

Café Turystyczna
Podwale 1
58-500 Jelenia Góra
Tel: +48 792 210 844
Facebook@Cafe Turystyczna





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Our trip has been chosen as the Unordinary Trip of the Month!!! by, the #1 travel portal on the Internet!!

Entry date: 30.07.2017 | Category: News from Sudetes Mountains

Dear fellow wanderers!

Today I am pleased to announce that one of my tours – Nature and Heritage
Bike Trip from Sudetes Mountains to Lower Silesia Capital Town Wroclaw – has been chosen as
the Unordinary Trip of the Month!!! by, the #1 travel portal on the Internet specializing
in the out-of-ordinary, special interest vacations.


This is, indeed, an extraordinary and exciting
adventure and I’m glad to see it duly highlighted. I hope this will help us popularize Poland as a major
European tourist destination further and look forward to seeing more travelers come and appreciate the
delights of Poland for themselves in the near future.

In connection with this, I am happy to offer my guests a special prize! Any of you who book the above
tour before August 15, 2017 may be eligible for a very special prize from InfoHub’s sister-company
GPSmyCity – publisher of travel apps for Apple and Android. The GPSmyCity app features offline city
maps, self-guided walking tours and travel articles for 1,000 cities worldwide, using which you can
turn your mobile into a personal tour guide. With this app in hand you can explore Wroclaw, Warsaw
and many other urban destinations in Poland and Europe on your own, at your own pace. The
GPSmyCity app works offline so there’s NO need to worry about roaming charges when traveling

A lucky winner, chosen at random, will get a one-year full membership of the GPSmyCity app
including access to ALL the GPSmyCity content – over 6,500 self-guided city walks and travel articles
– to the total value of over $8,000!!!

Book now and enjoy your travel with us!


From West to East a six-day point to point trekking

Entry date: 20.07.2016 | Category: News from Sudetes Mountains

6  days and around 100 km of walks across Western Sudetes

range  done in  a great style by our guests from Bogtrotters Hillwalking Club Ireland.
Walking on plateaus and along valleys as well as wandering through dense mountain forests and wetlands. Going uphill, trek on the main ridges and descend to picturesque mountain villages, located on the Polish and Czech sides of the mountains.
We are convinced that this route combines what’s best in the Sudetes and hiking: the diversity and charm of the nature, great views, interesting monuments, and the feeling of “pleasant tiredness” after physical activity in charming surroundings.

More details about this route here
Below letter from group’s leader Mr Seamus Whelan, he sent to us after the trip

I would just like to thank you for all your help in organising a great holiday for us. Everything from pick up at the airport to being dropped off again was fantastic.

The accommodation in all hotels was excellent.

And of course the walks were excellent. Sylwia was a great leader, full of enthusiasm and knowledge about the mountains. I hoped she enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed her company. We were delighted that you could join us for our last evening in Poland.

Best of luck with your future plans.

Seamus Whelan
Bogtrotters Hillwalking Club Ireland

We also thank you very much! It was a great time and great pleasure to host you in our mountains 🙂


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Karpniki Castle the pearl of Jelenia Gora Valley

Entry date: 25.09.2015 | Category: News from Sudetes Mountains

We have already written in previous articles that Jelenia Gora Valley is a land of castles and palaces – pearls scattered in the picturesque corners of the region. One of the most beautiful of them is the Castle Karpniki, about which is this entry.

 Karpniki Castle is a hidden gem at the foot of the Sokole Mountains (Part of Sudetes).
Its history dates back to the 15th century and you can still feel and touch the rich history of this place within its restored interiors. Historic rooms were renovated with particular attention to detail. Well preserved stucco, antique parquet flooring, 19th century wood panelling, Renaissance ceilings, polychromes, fireplaces, richly decorated chandeliers, original furniture and paintings create the unique atmosphere of the bygone epochs. Karpniki Castle is one of the three 19th century royal residences belonging to the Hohenzollern family, located in the Jelenia Góra Valley. It is an extraordinary place for the Guests with high expectations, both for a longer stay and for a short trip

It is surrounded by a landscape park established in the 19th century on the Prussian Royal House of Hohenzollern`s initiative. With participation of the most eminent lanscape architects and gardeners, the park, presently located within the Rudawy Landscape Park, was very well integrated within its surroundings.

The Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the medieval part of the Castle and consists of three enfiladed rooms, which provide the Guests with the feeling of privacy and comfort. The exceptional character of the Restaurant rooms is emphasized by the refined fabrics, stylish furniture and elegant tableware.Creative meals perfectly made with the best quality ingredients will provide the Guests with unforgettable culinary impressions. Carefully chosen selected wines complement the refined gastronomic offer. During the warm season the inner courtyard is part of the Restaurant and lets people enjoy their meals outdoors.

Location of the Castle within lush greenery and the peacefulness of the area encourage to take a walk along the park paths. If you take one of them, the Royal Route, which starts next to Karpniki Castle and goes along the edge of the Castle pond, you can get to a scenic hill (Karpnickie Skałki). On that hill, apart from the interesting rock forms, there is a garden house in a romantic style, which refers to the 19th century garden architecture. From the hill there is an outstanding view over the Castle, the Sokole Mountains and the surroundings.


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Sudetes Trek Challenge 2015

Entry date: 25.08.2015 | Category: News from Sudetes Mountains

Behind us the biggest event of the season: trekking challenge, which we have completed for our partner from the UK – Ultimate Challenges.
3 day point to point trekking, 49 participants, 9 person of  staff (guides, leaders, doctor).

It was a big challenge for us, a great experience and a great pleasure to host in our mountains trekkers (members of Norwood Charity UK)  from  countries like: UK, USA, Israel, Ireland, Dubai and Latvia.

We started from Szklarska Poreba, through Łabski Summit and exit onto the main ridge above the Labski Summit Cirque. Then  through the source of the Elbe River we went down  to Spindleruvy Mlyn on Czech side of the mountains. The next day we approached on to main ridge on  beautiful trail Old Bucharova  Cesta and then descent to Karpacz. On the third day we reached Sniezka Peak walking through beautiful  Łomniczka Cirque. From the highest peak of Sudetes, we went down through Ruzo Hora to Pec pod Snezkou where was  the finish line and ice-cold champagne for tired but satisfied trekkers. Then we got the coach transfer to Prague where the participants celebrated the challenge during the gala dinner at the hotel Accor Century Old Town .

If you would like to go the same route as participants of Sudetes Trek Challenge 2015, please check detailed description and  itinerary by clicking here.


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Our favourite trekking trails: Karpacz – Lomniczka Cirque – Snieżka Peak

Entry date: 25.10.2014 | Category: News from Sudetes Mountains

This was our last trip in this season. We walked from mountain town Karpacz through Lomniczka Cirque onto Snieżka – the highest peak in Sudetes (1602 m ).

The weather was beautiful: a light refreshing breeze, blue sky and sun – but only up to a height of about 1200m. Above this height were clouds and strong wind, but it is an added even more charm to our journey. During this kind of weather you can feel the nature of the mountains, and it is wonderful.

This is one of our favorite trails – varied and very picturesque, full of beautiful views. Especially in autumn shows the beauty and color of the places through which it leads.

Usually we start from the level of approx. 850 m. Then we continue for approx. 1.5 hours on a forest path already in the national park. This is a very gentle approach to the height of approx. 1000m. We stop at old-school shelter for a short rest and further walk on a narrow, stone-lined road, reaching  valley of the river Łomiczka. The forest is getting lower, the trail begins to climb more steeply, and between trees appears cirque walls and the southern slope of the Sniezka mountain . Later the landscape changes  when we reach  the bridge over  stream (not a river yet) – Łomniczka. In front of us a beautiful view of the entire valley and the huge lump of Sniezka. The trail is here already very steep, and we  climb the wall of the cirque. On the way we pass a symbolic cemetery of people who were connected with the mountains and they died in the mountains. After about an hour of climbing we reach the  top ridge of the cirque  Równia pod Śnieżką and get some  rest (there is a very decent shelter house). The last section is climb to the summit (1602 m) and enjoy the stunning views of the entire Sudetenland and Jelenia Góra Valley – if we will lucky and  the weather is good :-). You should know that Sniezka  is hidden in the clouds almost 300 days a year. However often  the peak of the mountain, is above the clouds, and then the experience and the views are amazing. Definitely Sudetes Mountains are one of the best places for trekking and walking holidays in Poland.

Below the gallery with photo report from hiking. This trail is included in our trip: Daily treks in Sudetes Mountains



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Jelenia Gora Valley – the palace in almost every village

Entry date: 19.09.2014 | Category: News from Sudetes Mountains

Did you know that in almost every village situaded in Jelenia Góra Valley there is at least one palace or castle? Each village has its own longer or shorter story. For hundreds of years as a result of wars, conflicts and politics, villages were located either in Poland or Germany or Czech Republic. Each village was also owned by a local ruler or belonged to the prince’s property, and therefore it had to be a suitable residence. Most of them are restored and operates today as luxury hotels. However, there are those that are consumed for decades and now are totally devastated.
An excellent example is the village Wojanów, situated in the Rudawski Landscape Park  (range of the Sudetenland). There are two beautifully restored palace complexes, which today operate as hotels. Great architecture, beautiful parks, gardens, walking, cycling and equestrian trails. And less than 2 km away is the palace, which unfortunately had no luck and it looks like a horror movie scenery. One village, three palaces, three different stories and amazing contrast. On the photos some restored palaces from Jelenia Gora Valley and one which waits for better times.
Rudawski Scenic Park and mentioned  palaces can you admire and visit during some of our trips.
Please check here.



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Our favourite trekking trails: Spindlerovy Mlyn – Pec – Karpacz

Entry date: 25.07.2014 | Category: News from Sudetes Mountains

Our mountains are a great place for trekking and hiking. Network of trails covers Polish and the Czech side of the mountains. In our blog we would like  to present in our opinion the most interesting routes that are included in our tours . At the beginning description of the route from the Czech town  Spindlerovy Mlyn, trough Pec to the mountain resort  Karpacz, located on the Polish side of the mountains. This route is extremely varied and shows the diversity of Sudetes. Trail leads through the valleys, peaks, plateaus, dense mountain forest and above mountain lakes.
On the way we will also see places associated with the history of these mountains. There is a Wang temple, which was constructed in Norway in the twelfth century. In 1841, the temple was dismantled and transported to Berlin before finally finding its place in our mountains in 1842. Nowadays this excellent example of Norwegian wooden sacral architecture can be admired in the middle of the Sudety Mountains. We will also be able to see the relics of mines from the fifteenth century (an optional visit to the underground routes is available) and an old water supply system, which provided water to the nearby mountain huts. This route is included in one of our walking trips: From West to East. More details related to this trip you will find here:



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Grabowiec Hill and St. Anna’s Chapel – charming place and legends

Entry date: 30.05.2014 | Category: News from Sudetes Mountains

There is a place  in which we  organize trekking expeditions endings, and also is the destination of easy and pleasant walks at the end of the tour. It is also a great place for rest, lunch  and got  beautiful viewpoint for the Jeleniogórska Valley. The place calls St. Anna’s Chapel and is located on the slope of Grabowiec Hill.
The first wooden chapel was erected in this place at the beginning of the thirteenth century at the spring beside the road leading from the Pagan Valley to the Good sources called Babia Path or the Path of Witches on the site of ancient Slavic pagan worship center, dating back to Neolithic times. The first mention of a chapel on Grabowiec Hill was recorded in 1212 in the parish chronicle of  Sobieszów village. Chapel initially looked after the Hospitallers, Knights nun. The chapel was maintained with funds from the Swidnicko –Jaworski Duke Bolek II. The medieval building was destroyed during the Hussite Wars. Rebuilt in the fifteenth century by Friedrich Liebenthal of Sosnówka  and Konrad von Schaffgotsch of Podgorzyn.  Again suffered destruction during the Thirty Years War. The present brick chapel. St.Anne, placed in the Baroque style was founded by Count Hans Anton von Schaffgotsch of Teplice. The construction of the chapel began in 1718 and was completed in 1719 by designer and builder  Joseph Anton Casper Jentsch (1699-1757). In 1812 t  from another chapel of St. Lawrence located on Snieżka Mountain (1602 m asl),  baroque altar with a statue of St. Lawrence was brought. After World War II, the chapel fell into oblivion. Now  it is renovated, and its general appearance of the eighteenth century for over 350 years has not significantly changed.
The altar stands directly above the source, and slightly mineralized water with low radioactivity (anti-inflammatory, analgesic and diuretic) is drained outside the chapel by channel. Paintings for the chapel were painted on a copper plate due to the found in spring water noble gas radon, which caused the disappearance of paint on canvas paintings.
Legend says it that its waters have extraordinary properties. If you get a sip from the creek and run around the chapel 7 times, your wish will be fulfilled

On the water intake of the source is carved image of a deer, under which is the inscription: „Der gute Born” (good source), and after both sides appear subtitles: „1212 wurde diese Quelle heilkraftige erwahnt” (in 1212 it was mentioned sacred and medicinal source) and „1920 neu gefasst durch Reichsgrafen Schaffgotsch” (in 1920, renovated by Count Schaffgotsch).

Grabowiec Hill  (784 m) is itself  an interesting place. On the slope, at the blue trail leading to Karpacz, is the entrance to the underground corridors that go into the mountain. They were built by the Germans in 1927, and were to serve as a water supply system for a nearby shelter and preventorium. Water flowing from the mountains had and has in todays days the therapeutic properties, because it is saturated with radioactive radon. There are stories that German soldiers had hide valuables during World War II. Despite many attempts, so far no team has failed to explore this undergrounds, because the transition to another sections are completely flooded with water.



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